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Nick in front of his Giant Kaleidosphere at the Natural History Museum, London Our best selling small size 1 : 210 mm dia Infinity Candle Our New desigh The Spirit of Peace Light Sculpture
Spirit of Peace building  Spirit of Peace sculpture  Size 2 : 400mm dia Infinity Candle 
Spirit of Peace Light Pavilion The journey of the Spirit of Peace Sculpture Size 2: Infinity Candle

Nick Moore is an English inventor, designer and co-founder of Brilliant Adventures Ltd. along with his brother Andrew Moore. Brilliant Adventures Ltd has specialised in optical illusions using mirrors that create infinity and 3D effects since 1985, as major installations for Museums such as the Natural History Museum, London, UK and exhibitions for an International clientele including: Pioneer Electronics, Greenpeace, Coca Cola, DTI British Pavilion Seville, Port of Felixstowe Atlanta USA, Discovery Channel, Madam Tussaud's, Virgin Atlantic, Light Fantastic, Techniquest Cardiff, Milford Haven Science Centre, Ekamai Science Museum Thailand, etc.

Nick Moore's designs are being produced as a range of affordable products which have proven to be popular with both men and women almost of any age and/or any background.

The Infinity Candle is an example of ingenious design by inventor Nick Moore. Like most of his inventions it creates an amazing optical illusion of 3D effects. The Infinity candle can be enjoyed as an interior decoration, and is also a meditative tool that induces feelings of peace and harmony, by sitting quietly watching the flames. The Infinity Candle is a simplified development of the infinity theme that Nick Moore has researched for many years. He is very pleased to present and share his experience, and simplicity of designs that offer peace and tranquility with style.


Our specialty is in the area of dramatic visual illusions and animated effects, which can be produced easily from readily available technology. From minutely engineered components to full-scale architectural installations, we are able to respond comprehensively and flexibly to the requirements of a brief. 

Our aim is to reach a correct and successful interpretation of our clients needs by working in consultation with them.  We achieve this through the wealth of experience and resources we have assemble over the years.  Our client base is prestigious and international, private and corporate. 

We have extensive experience with our specialty in dramatic visual optical illusions using mirrors that create amazing Infinity and 3 dimension and animated effects as major installations for Museums and exhibitions for an International and prestigious clientele such as the Ecology Gallery at the Natural History Museum, London, which was opened by Princess Diana in 1991.  Among our clients are the Royal families of Thailand and Dubai.

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