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Nick Moore 4x5 monitor video wall Kaleidosphere back and white Kaleidosphere at The Natural History Museum
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A giant 4x5 monitor videowall Kaleidosphere and single monitor Kaleidsopheres for the Ecology Gallery in the Natural History Museum London.

A prominent Giant Kaleidosphere demonstrates the fragile state of the earth. The exhibtion was opened by Princess Diana in 1991.

elton john's piano with infinity effect replicate of a human eyeball model giant Plasma Sphere
ELTON JOHN with his Infinity Grand Piano at "MADAM TUSSAUD'      The Museum of Moving Image (MOMI) ELECTROPLASMA TECHNOLOGY


An Infinity effect for Elton John's piano at Madam Tussaud's Rock Circus in Piccadilly, London. Brilliant Adventures was asked to produce something spectacular for Elton John's exhibit. Our solution was to develop a fantastic piano using a simple but powerful infinity effect.

The piano incorporates a light show which was synchronised to his music and reflects his extrovert character. The show was seen through the raised lid of his grand piano

The Museum of Moving Image (MOMI)

Brilliant Adventures was asked to provide several key exhibits. The symbol of the museum is the eye and Brilliant Adventures designed and installed its first exhibit, a 4'0" diameter model of an anatomical eye incorporating a Kaleidosphere containing a TV monitor.

This dramatic exhibit produces a sphere of moving images which are visible through the pupil of the eye. This image sets the scene for a power of illusion which is developed throughout the exhibition. The exhibition includes a number of other Brilliant Adventures contributions ranging from a large 3-D model of the human brain, a "Tardis" for the special Dr. Who exhibit, to an extraordinary hologram.

ELECTROPLASMA TECHNOLOGY incorporating the fourth state of matter active to the human touch. We have produced some of the largest of these interactive exhibits in the world.

  Elton John's piano with infinity effect replica of a human eyeball model with infinity effect giant Plasma SpherePort of Felixstowe Kaleidosphere with neon lights The Spirit of Peace Pavilion Plasmasphere
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