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Spirit of Peace  Size1.lifestlye.jpg Size 2 400mm dia. Infinity Candle
The Spirit of Peace Light Sculpture The Infinity Candle Size 2: Infinity Candle

The Kaleidosphere is a modern take on a Kaleidoscope inspired from larger museum installations.  Unlike a Kaleidoscope, the Kaleidosphere gives an optical illusion 3D effect of huge radiating spheres created through slits in the mirrors which let light in along the inside of the optical mirror walls, and a crystal ball at the end condenses any colours and shapes in your environment when you point the kaleidosphere around you.

The Infinity Candle is a simple design using two circular mirrors and a single candle flame to produce an optical illusion of infinite regress effect.

SMALL VERSIONS are designed to take tea lights : The metal stand has a built in cup to hold the tea lights. LARGE VERSIONS size 2 upwards are designed to take church candles : The metal stand has a dish with spike to hold the candle in place with built in brackets for optional wall mounting. On all versions, the optical illusionary effect of the Infinity candle can be adjusted by tilting the back mirror to the left or to the right, forwards or backwards.

Award for out standing design by BIDA British Interior Design Association

The Spirit of Peace

These Spirit of Peace light sculptures are a clarion call for everyone to get involved and reclaim their birthright to live in a world peace.

We have a global situation at present that the greed of a small number of people, the powers that be, are taking us into WW111, which will bring about the extinction of humanity. My aim is to exhibit and sell The Spirit of Peace in every major city of the world where like-minded people from all background cab come together and be of one mind on global peace issue.

My aim is to exhibit and sell The Spirit of Peace in every major city of the world where like-minded people from all backgrounds can come together and be of one mind on global peace issues.

The sculpture represents everyone and reminds us that we are part of a brotherhood of man, a sisterhood woman.

Modern science shows us that everyone in the world share a common DNA ancestreybasically we are all related.

The Spirit of Peace is a light sculpture, which transforms any environment and creates a healing meditative anblance be it in your home or work place.

The Spirit of Peace was inspired by the success of our award winning Infinity Candle range and to date we have sold over 100,000 Infinity Candle to more than fiffty countries worldwide. I strongly believe that the time is now for everyone to use their most powerful positive creative potential whatever your skill set is to bring about the neccessary critical mass of people to stop the sleep walking momentum into an event of the extinction of humanity.

The Quantum Infinity is an electrical version of the infinity effect.  This version will provide a solution for an area which is sensitive to naked flame issues.  Its use of low voltage LEDs, makes it one of the most energy efficient light fittings on the market.  The light is estimated to last for 100,000 hours which is should be long enough before you might like to change your interior decor.


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interiors product concept
size1.infinity candle.corp 4 Sizes of the Infinity Candles Kaleidosphere 
Our Best Selling : Size 1 4 sizes Infinity Candles The Kaleidosphere 
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