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Structure The Kaleidosphere-A Spectacular Audio-Visual Experience Therapeutic Effects

Concept Statement
We hold the view that there is only one thing which is more fragile than the Earth's Eco system and that is the fragile state of world peace. There is an obvious connection between the two but where climate change impact is taking some years the fragile state world peace could disintegrate in days or hours. This Pavilion will provide an expression of the human spiritual experience in a way that side steps traditional boundaries of nation religion race, age and reminds us of the nature of the spiritual experience, we find that it is invariably personal to the individual.

An inexplicable comprehension of how Life works and of our integral place within it, is widely held to be the highest aspiration of human expression. For those, throughout history, who have had this experience, it is often a life-changing event, characterised as an intense feeling of intimacy with the universe. It is a feeling that transcends temporal values, ego and fear. It can be described perhaps as an impassioned stillness in the centre of one’s own experience, in which one feels the same as, rather than separate, from what is around one.

The individuality of a person’s spiritual perception is fundamental to our design proposal. We prefer to emphasise the importance of having this feature free from specific agenda, whether they be political, religious, comparative, moralistic and so on. Fostering World peace in a climate free of prejudice of any form will allow us all to realise our birthright of higher consciousness through restfulness harmony balance, Justice and resolution individually, and simultaneously.

Only by doing this can we respond to this pivotal moment in the evolution of the Earth and all her inhabitants and exercise the duty of care to ensure a permanent legacy of peace and a better world. Dubai is uniquely situated geographically as an oasis of peace in the heart of a region of conflict and it is for this reason that The Spirit of Peace Pavilion is to be built here powered entirely with renewable energy, as a beacon to the rest of the world that right human relations can exist and that working with nature is the only road map for a harmonious and sustainable future.

We propose therefore, that this feature should take the visitor on a spectacular sensory journey through sound, light and space. While the underlying content would be non-denominational, the material used in the display could be drawn from any source consistent with this, the loftiest of all human aspirations. We acknowledge that the human spiritual experience cannot be induced prematurely, but, as far as is feasible with the best of technology available to us, this production might encourage us, as visitors, to experience the world as a spiritual place, by experiencing our own lives as spiritual events.

StructureThe Spirit of Peace Pavilion
It is our belief that the shape most suited for the spirit pavilion is a sphere used in conjunction with a spire. It is documented by virtually all religions and spiritual groups, ancient and modern, that the geometry of the sphere symbolically represents both the heavens and heavenly bodies. Likewise, spires are incorporated by a great many religions in places of worship, be they temples, cathedrals or mosques, to mention but a few. The spire is well documented as representing the gateway to the heavens, helping to draw our attention upwards and away from earthbound concerns. The function of the pavilion would be to provide a powerful and spiritually uplifting experience that embraces the divinity of all religions. We feel, moreover, that in the mood of celebration intended to support the Spirit of Peace Pavilion, an atmosphere of tolerance would be greatly facilitated by the use of time-honoured and universal forms.

Circulation and content
Upon entering the sphere at the base, the visitors are guided into the reception area where they receive personal headsets to provide stereo narration and music. The visitors then take one of a series of lifts to the observation platform which is halfway up the inside of the sphere, suspended off the kaleidosphere/spire structure which is a core feature off which all structural and multimedia equipment is mounted. Upon leaving the lift, you become aware that you are looking out into a seemingly infinite starscape accurately projected on to the inside of the surrounding sphere. There is a walkway which spirals gradually down to the base of the central tower, which the visitors slowly descend, while looking out into the illusion of space.

Appropriate moving IMAX type images are projected on to the inside of the sphere providing a means of conveying the all-embracing spiritual ecological message of peace prepared in a carefully choreographed way. Coupled with the clear narration would be celestial music gathered from around the world. Upon reaching the base of the helical walkway, one enters the kaleidosphere as a group of about sixty. We would imagine that the show that takes place inside the kaleidosphere would last approximately 10 to 15 minutes, after which the visitors exit the kaleidosphere and leave the pavilion at the base level of the structure. I would propose that the material used in the multimedia presentations would focus on the intrinsic nobility of the human spirit and the means to develop a global attitude towards right human relations. Mankind’s relationship to the natural world is in crisis. This crisis demands an increasingly developed sense of the subtle and often intangible element of the universal spirit that resides in all material things. *


The Kaleidosphere-A Spectacular Audio-Visual Experience
Members of the audience are immersed in the visual effects provided by the kaleidosphere and at the sametime become integrated in the illusion as they sit relaxed inside the 60m high internal-mirrored prism. The following are some examples of the types of dramatic illusions, which take place inside a kaleidosphere.

These effects are simple and inexpensive to create. A huge illusory sphere of dynamic images, floating high up in space. The apex of the prism is truncated and a large video projection screen is placed facing down into the structure. The screen forms a huge sphere of multi-replicating and changing reflected images floating high up in space which acts as a powerful central focus to the whole experience

Concentric Geodesic Spheres of Light. At predetermined intervals up the length of the internal faces of the kaleidosphere, gaps are left between the mirrored surfaces to incorporate special lighting effects. Microprocessor controlled high powered multicoloured light arrays are installed around the perimeter. This configuration creates the visual effect of large concentric geodesic spheres. The rings, (say 6) are linked to one another so that they created waves of pulsing spheres running up and down the prism. Laser Effects. Along the junction of the kaleidosphere’s mirrored surfaces, a microprocessor controlled tracking system guides lasers, which run on tracks up and down the full length of the kaleidosphere showing a sequenced programme of scanned effects. The audience will see laser images reflected hundreds of times by the internal refection of the mirrors. These produce the illusion of huge pulsating spheres of light, and expanding and contracting from the apex bathing the audience in different sequences of colours and patterns. This creates an extraordinary three-dimensional spatial effect that evokes the big bang and the formation of the galaxies.

The Outer Sphere. When the perimeter of the prism base is clearly outlined and illuminated, a very large sphere, with a radius of the height of the Kaleidosphere will appear. The audience will be able to see themselves in the multiple images reflected around the circumference of this massive illusionary sphere. The beauty of these effects is that they be used separately, in sequence or in any combination.

Inside of the spirit peace pavilion drawings

Therapeutic Effects
The design of the Kaleidosphere is based on research into sensory isolation and stimulation and has been developed to enable the users to explore the healing qualities of colour, light and sound. It has already been scientifically proven to be particularly effective in reducing stress and in achieving high states of consciousness akin to meditation in a relaxing and entertaining way. Our experience to date is that these effects have universal appeal and can be appreciated by audiences of any age. Music synchronised with visual images becomes a powerful unique communication medium crossing language and cultural boundaries and is ideal in enhancing visual experiences for an international audience.

Efficiency of construction/cost effectiveness
The building would be simple to construct as the main part of the construction is the central spire which is a simple prefabricated steel frame. The spherical envelope would be made of a lightweight balloon-type material and will be kept inflated by maintaining a higher internal atmospheric pressure. The energy requirements for the Pavilion will be met by the combined use of renewable energy, Wind, Solar , Geothermal and Hydrogen with Oxygen extracted efficiently from Water which will make this building a truly spectacular and inspirational Architectural feature.

Principal : Nick Moore

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